RBR Conservation have worked on a diverse range of historical buildings and have carried out work on high profile projects including refurbishment involving re-slating and associated extensive leadworks. In addition to this, similar extensive work on other historical buildings for private clients. We have an understanding and knowledge regarding the sensitivity of historical, listed buildings including churches, historical hotels and meeting places and privately owned estates and individual character properties. The refurbishment of this type of property often requires the removal and salvage of the original traditional coverings for reuse and in some instances incorporating and supplementing with reclaimed matching materials. Our extensive experience as encompassed the repair or re-roofing of a number of historically important and architecturally interesting properties. We specialise in the conservation and repair of traditional stone slates, clay and concrete tiles, natural slates and all types of lead roofing along with historical building roof repair.

A weather tight roof is basic in the preservation of a structure, regardless of its age, size, or design.

The form, structure and materials of historic roofs are always of interest, RBR Conservation specialises in the conservation and repair of such structures. The concealed roof of a traditional terraced house can be just as significant as a steeply pitched roof which is visible from the street.

Original roofing materials such as natural Welsh slate, clay tile, lead and copper should be retained and repaired. Their replacement by modern substitute materials is unacceptable. Any decorative features such as cresting, decorated ridge or hip tiles, finials etc, are retained and repaired as necessary. Leadwork to gutters, flat roofs flashings and weatherings receive careful assessment in terms of its thickness, sheet size and jointing to ensure durability.