Mountain View Apartment Development is situated in Szklarska Poręba, a ski resort in Poland located on the Czech Republic border close to Prague. The Resort consists of 8 high standard apartment blocks with total area of 4200m². In accordance with original planning, the resort buildings are constructed to reflect existing traditional architecture in the region. The first phase of this project (block M4) is finished and the building with its infrastructure was certified for use in September 2015. The M4 Block contains 14 apartments of 31m², 41m² and 54m².

This development is traditional built using limestone blocks – Silcate, with the lengthwise and crosswise layout of structural walls with ceilings made of prefabricated slabs monolithic-“filigree”, covered with a gable roof of rafter-collar beam wooden structure. The staircase with window and door lintels are made of reinforced concrete, and balconies are made of wooden structure. The external walls are insulated with graphite Styrofoam 15cm thick. Polyurethane foam (18-22cm thick) was chosen for the roof insulation. The building is heated by gas (boiler/heater installation by DeDietrich) and fitted with under floor heating. Also, the energy rating of the fitted windows is higher than recommended standard (U-1.1) U=0.7.

Mountain View Resort is located 800m above sea level in the  mountain region where the climate conditions are harsher. This location and climate dictate choice of materials used for snow conditions and sub-zero temperatures. Silcate blocks were used for this project because of their properties suitable for this climate: very high strength and durability, which is increasing with time; durability and quality of the façade ensures very high frost resistance; corrosion resistance and high sound/acoustic insulation and their ability to accumulate heat. The material is also fire proof and its hydro-regulation properties which are independent from outside conditions and which results in maintaining optimum temperatures inside the rooms.

All construction works and project management including design are fully supervised and executed by Redmond Building & Restoration Ltd on behalf of its sister company based in Poland, Diamond Investments Sp. z o.o. It is an ongoing project with completion date estimated for 2020. As per planning permission, each building with associated infrastructure is certified for use separately which is extending the building process.