Trident Building Consultancy Limited engaged RBR Conservation on behalf of London & Regional Properties to carry out structural and esthetic repairs to the brick façade at Cotton House, Cochrane Street, Glasgow G1 1GY. The building was occupied throughout the works by HMRC and therefore the project required substantial phasing to facilitate cross over from external to internal works. Another key management aspect was the control of noise disturbance as the whole building was occupied throughout the works.
The building is a seven storey brick façade. The façade was removed (80,000 bricks) and the structural walls were stabilized. The façade was rebuilt: RBR reinstated brick façade and brise soleil. During the works the windows were adjusted and covered to avoid any nuisance to the tenant.
RBR Conservation and their site management delivered a high quality product, on programme and within the agreed cost. It required full commitment from the RBR Conservation team to satisfy the Clients and the tenant (HMRC) to achieve the required requirements under a tight programme.