Façade Cleaning & Repair, Roof Replacement and Interior Ceiling

St.Mary’s Church is situated adjacent to the village of Kilbane and according to tradition a thatched chapel was built in Kilbane in 1739. In 1815 another church was built there, before being replaced by the present St. Mary’s Church sometime between 1837 and 1841.

RBR Conservation carried extensive work on the internal ceiling structure. An interesting feature noted during the renovation was that the arched beams of the roof timbers were built in the shape of a ship turned upside down, the traditional way of placing the roof timbers on such a large structure.

Externally, the church building required façade cleaning and repair, stone repair over the main doorway, front window and pinnacles surrounding the front gable.

The existing roof was replaced, and the church building insulated. New lead work was conducted on the whole roof area.