RBR Conservation located in London, UK is an experienced Specialist Conservation Contractor. Our highly skilled team consistently deliver outstanding building conservation services efficiently, effectively and to the highest standards. Previous projects include listed and landmark buildings.

RBR Conservation provides clients and their professional teams with consultancy, surveys, condition reports, and advice & design, along with all of the associated principal services required in conservation processes.

As a Specialist Conservation Contractor we adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  • An understanding of the philosophical and legislative context in which built heritage conservation is practiced, and keep current  ongoing developments and the publication of relevant code of practice
  • An advocate for the principles of conservation to members of our team and to the general public, and be aware of the social and environmental responsibilities associated with working on historic buildings
  • Respect for the authenticity and integrity of historic buildings and respect alterations and additions that contribute to the character of a structure
  • Support preventive conservation and aim for the minimum intervention
  • Carry out high quality repairs and alterations which, where appropriate, are ‘honest’ (that is, made in the materials of our time, and yet harmonious with the character of their context) and respect the principle of reversibility (that is, wherever possible, they consist of additions to the historic structure, rather than demolition or removal of historic material)
  • Respect and promote a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach towards conservation
  • Willingly share knowledge, mentor junior members of the team, uphold the support of peers and as required play a role in education and training of contractors and operatives in the heritage conservation environment
  • Review projects after completion to record the works carried out and also to aid in implementing any changes required to work practices

Please visit our portfolio page to see samples of our work.